Posted by on March 14, 2022

The Club is in need of a new electric mower for our green and, at the moment, we do not have the funds to buy this but there is a way we could raise money from members WITHOUT IT COSTING YOU ANYTHING – you just have to shop at Thrifty’s.

As with any scheme that allows you to raise money without it really costing anything there are a couple of issues.

  1. The Club cannot bankroll the purchase of these cards because of the lack of funds available.
  2. They cannot be personally topped up at Thrifty’s, they have to be purchased through the Club otherwise the Club does not receive the 6% payback.
  3. To get the top rate of a 6% return we have to spend in excess of $4,000 each time we purchase the cards.

To give you some idea, we would have to purchase $60,000 worth of Smile Cards to be in a position of being able to purchase the mower. This sounds a lot but when you break it down all you need is 100 people to buy $600 worth of Smile cards.

Once you have a Smile Card you use it as a debit or credit card until the money runs out. When placing your order with the Club you can request your Smile Cards to be divided up into smaller denominations i.e. if you wanted to purchase say $500 you could have 2 x $250 or 5 x $100. If you don’t shop at Thrifty’s perhaps friends or relatives do… we will take money from anybody and don’t forget THIS WILL NOT COST YOU ANYTHING.

Simply fill in the order form then make your payment (instructions included on form).

For further information, contact Susan C. using the form below.


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