CPLBCC is operated entirely by volunteers; volunteer club members carry out all the day-to-day maintenance and operation of our club.

Members of the Executive put in many hours on club administration. However, additional volunteers are needed in  a variety of other roles and are vital to the success of our club.  Many of these duties are enjoyable, social activities and only require a minimal amount of time.

Members can volunteer for each of the activities listed below on their club membership application/ renewal form.

(If you do not know the members-only password for this year, any member of the Executive should be able to tell you.)


BBQ nights are typically held on Fridays at 5:00 pm followed by bowling. Volunteers are needed to fire up the BBQ and cook the burgers. There will be some setup required (setting out paper plates and condiments) as well as clean up afterwards.

Contact: Lorne Carnes

Bowls Games / Tournaments
Help with tournaments, set up rinks and learn how to be a draw master. This is a great way to expand your knowledge of bowling.

Games Chair: Gordon Folka

Building / Property Maintenance

Buildings volunteers maintain the structure of the club house. Tasks might be occasional painting, carpentry and electrical work. This is a year-round activity.

Contact: Vacant


Coaches are particularly involved in training newcomers to our core sports of lawn bowling and croquet. May of each year is the busiest month for coaches.

Contact: Lawrence Weston

Croquet Games / Tournaments

Help with tournaments, set up courts and learn how to oversee games. This is a great way to expand your knowledge of croquet. 



Fundraising duties are separate from those of group rentals. The lucky volunteer(s) are responsible for applying for our Thrifty Cards, BC Gaming and New Horizon Grants. This is done annually. The duties are not onerous… but it does require folk with good financial literacy to gather the necessary info, fill out the applications and stand as the contact person.

Contact: Susan Crisp


Garden volunteers are needed to maintain our beautiful roses, as well as to tend to the other gardens around the property. See our Gardens page for more information.

Contact: Russell Crockett


Rolling the greens, cleaning the ditches, mowing the grass (other than the greens) and raking the bocce court are some of the duties of the Greens volunteers.

Contact: Clive Balfour

House / Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen in good order and ensuring the clubhouse is kept tidy. This committee is in charge of ensuring supplies are topped up – including coffee, tea, cleaning products and paper towels. They also manage garbage and recycling. Volunteers may also be called upon to assist with refreshments for tournaments and special events. 

Contact: Roscow Luke

Marketing /Publicity

Maintaining the Club’s corporate identity, which includes signs, posters and notices. Coordinating advertising, social media and press releases. 

Contact:  Lorne Carnes

Rental Activities

Outside rentals provide important revenue for the Club and offers an excellent opportunity to promote our sports in the local community. Members assist with setting up rinks, handing out equipment and demonstrating how to play. 

Contact: Lorne Carnes

Social Activities

The Clubhouse is available year round for social activities. Cards, darts, shuffleboard and choir have been offered in the past… but we are open to anything which might bring members together. 

Contact: Lorne Carnes

Sports Equipment

Maintaining our stock of sports equipment…including trophy engraving, ordering Club shirts and pins, first aid kit, updating draw tags and ensuring rink markers, mats, jacks, rakes and scoreboards are kept in good order. 

Contact: Gordon Folka


Website volunteers keep our website up-to-date and running smoothly.  Ideally, it would be great to have different people maintaining different parts of the website (eg. calendar, news, tournaments, etc).

If you have experience with WordPress, please consider volunteering to help.

Contact: Beth Christopher