You’re looking for a sport that

    • challenges your mind while exercising your body
    • allows men and women to compete equally and together
  • rewards technique more than strength, and thought more than speed
  • grants teenagers and octogenarians equal opportunity to seek international honors
  • offers a friendly and social community that makes playing fun as well as rewarding

 Croquet has what you’re looking for.

 The Croquet players at the Canadian Pacific Lawn Bowling and Croquet Club, playing in Downtown Victoria, BC, would like to welcome you to learn our favorite sport. Here’s how it works:

Non-members can use the lawn up to three times before deciding whether to join the Club. All participants must fill out a Registration form. During those three visits, you can take advantage of the

Introductory lesson

The introductory classes will show you how to hold and swing the mallet, and teach you the basic rules and strategies of Golf Croquet, a game that’s easy to learn, fun to play, and develops many of the skills you’ll use if you decide to move on to Association Croquet, a more complex game.

Later classes cover additional skills, the rules of Association Croquet, and the offensive and defensive strategies that will help you win games and play in tournaments throughout the region and even around the world.

Classes will begin when a group is ready to learn.  Bring your own group — it’s more fun that way!

Class sessions are normally about two hours apiece, with time for instruction, practice, and play. All equipment will be provided, but players must wear flat-soled shoes that will not damage the lawns. Club members participating in activities are expected to wear white clothing, but those trying the sport aren’t required to do so.

The availability of the lawn for class sessions depends partly on the Club’s current schedule. Contact the coach team to tell us you’re interested, and we’ll figure out a time that will work for you.