Four competitors braved the weather on Sunday, September 15th, to duke it out for top honors in the Canadian Pacific Golf Croquet Singles Tournament.  Luckily, the weather was fine for good croquet, and then got even better.

All four contestants played each other in the first three rounds of play.  The result was a three-way tie between Victoria LBC’s Hilary Sandford and CP’s Michael Dowling and Mike Holt, all with two wins and one loss.  Vic West’s Mavis Pillar, who leaped into the fray with only a few weeks of play and having just completed the introductory course, came out with no wins, but did manage to get on the scoreboard in all but one game, a feat achieved with her good sense of weight and a competitive determination.

All contestants were seeded into the playoffs.  Michael D and Mike H emerged from the semis triumphant, and met in the finals, where Mike took Michael to the final hoop before bowing to a 7-6 defeat.  Hilary refocused and took down Mavis one further time to take third place.

We currently have eight players signed up for the forthcoming Golf Croquet Doubles Competition, which will be held at CP on September 29th.  There is room for two more competitors — please contact Pierre at  The tournament will once again be organized and directed by Chris Percival-Smith.