CP hosted our 90th Yarrow Cup Men’s Pair lawn bowling tournament on the weekend of September 10 and 11. Weather was great, green was running fast and the field was super strong. Both our squads managed to come back Sunday to play semi-finals…Gord F and Larry M in the “B” section and Kevin B and Harry W in the “C”. Both played strong games but came out on the short end.

Many thanks to all the members who came out to cheer them on and help with setup. In particular Jamie P, Trudy H, Debbie T, Roscow L and Mark F. Not only did Larry M play both days…he also started them by out rolling the green bright and early.

The winners of the Cup were Dennis V and Floyd R of the Gordon Head Club. Runners up were the team of Brent M and Gopal G of Oak Bay. “B” section champions were Kevin S and Ernesto M of Vic West. “C” section was captured by Jag B and Joe H of Lake Hill.