Posted by on November 23, 2021

On Sunday, November 21, after some morning coaxing, the sun decided to shine on Canadian Pacific for a couple of hours and the Quimper Croquet vs Canadian Pacific Golf Croquet Challenge came to a glorious conclusion.  Over 25 participants managed to get two or more games in, but despite outnumbering the  

Quimper players significantly, the CP combatants came up short, losing 13 games to 7.

The games were short — the winning teams earned their wins by making 5 hoop points or being ahead at the end of 30 minutes.  Each team had four games to play, though most of the CP players only played two games each.  Still, there was a lot of opportunity for participants to get acquainted, appreciate the other club’s friendly encouragement, and learn something just by seeing whole new styles of play.

For a few of the Quimper players, this was old home week.  Chris H and Neil S-M were among the early croquet-playing members when CP first invited croquet onto the bowling green, and other Quimper players also played here.  It was good to have them back.

One of the highlights of the day was an early game in which CP player Lucille P, 90 years old, found herself in a game with a couple of players close to 70 years younger.  Such an age gap is easily possible in a competitive croquet game, but its rare to find one actually happening!

The players were asked to donate toward lawn maintenance costs and prize money at the rate of $10 per game played.  That should have raised $200, but the actual cash count was $250.  That provides $125 to CP to keep its greens in fine condition, and $125 for Quimper Croquet to celebrate their win.

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