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Fun in the October Sun for CP Croqueters

The croquet players in the CPLBCC celebrated the recent upsurge in croquet interest at CP by engaging in croquet cameraderie on October 4th, 2020.  Croquet is one of those rare activities where a little conscientious attention can keep social distancing from putting a damper on fun, and sixteen players came out on the lawn to prove it.

The day featured casual play, a three-game competition for the players who’ve joined us in the last couple years, and contests intended to display our shot control and accuracy.  Everybody brought their own lunches, and shared a lot of laughs.

The three-game contest paired the entrants with a different partner for each game, then gave prizes to those who came in with the best records.  Top player of the day was Andy McMullan, proving you don’t have to see a damn thing to play this game. Rick Diment, returning from several months off on good behavior, took second place honors.  All players acquitted themselves admirably and exhibited some excellent shooting and strategizing.

Chris Percival-Smith wowed the crowd by winning both the hit-the-peg-from-the-boundary contest and the shoot-from-one-boundary-to-the-other-without-going-out competition, though he had to survive a playoff with Mike Holt to win the former and stave off a serious challenge from Marilyn Moen to take the latter.

Part of the purpose of the event was to get as many players together as possible so we get used to having fun as a club.  Brenda Allen was away from play for many months, having been in a serious car accident a year ago, then getting well enough to return just about when the pandemic knocked us all for a loop.  It was very good to see her back, along with her partner, Rick.

Several of the players commented that despite having fun, they also learned a lot from the day, which happens when you play with a variety of players who have a variety of styles and techniques.  Opportunities to improve your game and to feel pride in your progress are only increased when you have a wide range of competitors.

Thanks to everyone for helping out — including Cathy Crawford for her pictures and Deanna Germain and Chris for helping to monitor proper covid protocol observance — and a few more thanks for joining in!

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