The 2021 Ray Turner Classic, held on BC Day (August 2) at Canadian Pacific LBCC, brought out sixteen competitors and a lot of smiles.  The event paired eight bowlers with eight croquet players (a different partner in each round) for four rounds of competition — two in bowls and two in croquet.  The primary purpose of the struggle was to have fun, with getting an appreciation for each other’s sports and getting to know fellow players also high on the agenda.

When the dust had settled, a few winners emerged at the top of the heap.  Harry W was the only player who managed to win all four of his games, largely thanks to excellent partners:  Lorne O (subbing for Margaret K), Johanna C, Sandy H (of VLBC), and Murray P.  Johanna herself came in second with three wins and a positive score differential of 14, followed by Chris G with three wins and a score differential of 9.  Johanna and Chris were the winning-est players from the Bowlers contingent, while Harry played for the Croqueters.  Second highest-finishing croquet player was Mike H with 2 1/2 wins and a score of 4.  The trophies awarded were huge, but since they were made overseas and were too large to fit in any transport vehicles, it is doubtful that you’ll manage to see them displayed on any mantelpieces soon.

Fifteen of the sixteen original entrants were from CP, with VLBC’s Sandy H taking the final slot.  Margaret unfortunately had to step back from active play due to health reasons, and was replaced by our own Lorne O in the morning games, and VLBC’s David W in the afternoon.  Margaret ended up with two wins through this sneaky process, but the competitors also ended with a win because Margaret took a very active role in providing tea, coffee, and cookies while on the sidelines.  Deanna G also provided helpful assistance through the day in addition to playing, and after the event provided a brief look at the role played at CP by Ray Turner.  Ray not only bowled here for years and inspired many players, he served as president of the club and was instrumental in the effort to save it a decade or so ago when the city was considering using the space for other things.  We’re pleased to recognize his contributions by naming this tournament after him. 

The Classic was directed by Gord F and Pierre D, who thank everyone involved for their participation!