Monday, September 2nd was a gorgeous sunny day for the 7th annual Celebrate ❤️ Life fundraiser event at CPLBC. Players from CP and Sidney Lawn Bowling Clubs participated in this friendly tournament. Play was skilled and sportsmanlike. Camaraderie was truly, very evident.  Fun, with purpose, was achieved!

The tournament raised $1,321, surpassing even last year, bringing the total contributed to ‘The Bowl For The Cure’ event at Juan de Fuca to an approximate $5,200. “Very Generous! Very Gratifying!  Very Contributing!”

The winning team was made up of Mark Planiden and Stew Adams from CPLBC and Lauren Witzer from SLBC. The Long Jack trophy was won by Alan Forster. (Ron Leslie somehow mustered ‘closest’ in the ‘ditch draw’).

Thanks to everyone for their support and especially to the volunteers who facilitated success by arriving early, staying late and cheerily meeting the needs of the day. 

Over many years, Donna was valued, respected, and contributing at CP – as too by many friends and colleagues in SLBC where we were members, also elsewhere – for her admired grace, and cheery support of others, coaching, and friendship with a very kindly manner! All well reflecting her appreciation of ‘CP’s spirit’ as exemplified by the fundraisers! It’s that ‘CP spirit’ which receives focus!

Writeup gratefully submitted by Ron Leslie and supported by Dolores Dunn-Leslie