Downtown Lawn Bowling and Croquet

By on June 8, 2020

You’ll be pleased to hear that all the requirements for opening our green back up have been met. We have a new liability insurance policy and waiver, a copy of Safe Play guidelines from Bowls BC and our Club protocols have been approved by the Board. Over the next couple of days we will be printing forms, establishing sanitation stations, posting signage and training volunteers.
Everyone will be required to read through the new bowling and croquet protocols before accessing the green. Bring along the signed ‘acknowledgement page’ on your first visit. 
Our protocols are all about Safe Play. I think it will become pretty apparent that responsible social distancing will be our new reality during the first few phases of this rollout. Key to this process will be a core of volunteers who will take turns serving as Operation monitors and Draw Masters. 
Because the guidelines restrict the number of members permitted on the green at any one time we are expanding the number of draws per day. This may be adjusted as things settle in… but for the time being it means we will need to compile a substantial list of volunteers.
Draw Masters will set up the rinks, supervise play, take the rinks down and sanitize the equipment after. They will be free to play in the draw. I will be coordinating assignments with Peter and Harry. Operations will set up sanitization stations, oversee the player sign in table, monitor clubhouse access and then close up after sanitizing touch points. They will not be participating in the draw. Norman M will be coordinating these folk.
If you are willing to help out please let me know via return mail.
So here is how it rolls out this week…
Thursday we will have training for the bowling volunteers.Friday we will have training for the Croquet Volunteers.Saturday will be a soft opening for the bowling volunteers.Sunday will be a soft opening for the croquet volunteers.
Hopefully we will have all the bugs worked out when we open our regular draws starting Monday. I will mail out a link for our on-line registration and outline instructions for participating. You must have a Full membership to play.
If you wish to join now or upgrade your Social membership to a Full one please visit (if you are upgrading and have already completed a membership form there is no need to fill out another). If you would prefer to wait until July 15th and pay the half year Full membership that’s fine too. Social membership is $40, and although there are not a lot of activities for you at present, we hope to have the bocce court open soon. Questions? Feel free to contact our Treasurer, Margaret at
The green is looking great, the gardens are dazzling and we’re just coming into warm summer weather. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! (at a safe distance of course.
Thanks, Lorne