Downtown Lawn Bowling and Croquet

By on June 15, 2020

Procedures for visiting the Club are the same for both sports;

●       You must pre-register to play. No walk-on’s permitted and no using the green outside draw times. If you have trouble getting in call me at 250-384-5499.

●       Show up 10 minutes before your start time…. no earlier.

●       Check in at the Operations table inside the front double doors. If someone is there already line up at the black tape lines on the patio.

●       Sanitize your hands and fill out a Symptom Screening form. This must be done with each visit to the Club.

●       Hand in a signed copy of your protocol acknowledgement page and the liability waiver I sent out earlier. Copies will be available at the table…but filling out takes time and holds up the line. These will be filed away in a secure locker each day.

●       Once you’ve completed your forms, the Operations Volunteer will log you in and allow you to access the locker room and/or washrooms if they are clear. Only one member is allowed in the Clubhouse at a time. Do come dressed to play so you do not hold up others.

●       When you exit the single door go directly to your assigned rink or court. Do not mill about socializing on the patio.

●       Start your game once everyone is ready. The Draw Master will explain the revised procedures. Sanitization caddies will be situated around the green.

●       If you need to visit the washroom during your game please do so through the marked entrance. The Operations Volunteer will give you the go ahead if things are clear.

●       After your game leave all equipment for the Draw Master to sanitize and put away.

●       Line up on the patio to take turns returning your stuff to the locker room.  Exit the building and leave the grounds. (No cold beverages on the patio I’m afraid!)